Old age is a sensitive phase of life! As one starts entering the age of 50 or more, one starts losing physical strength and goes through a change in mental and emotional behavior. With medical issues surrounding health, changing dynamics of families, etc, elderly people start a life of adapting to a new lifestyle, one that is equally challenging and uncomfortable. And, so elderly people need added assistance, care, and comfort around them to lead happy and healthy life.

The difficulty in daily movements, inability to express their feelings enough, and coping with a lifestyle around health conditions – elderly face challenges in maintaining their daily routine. And, hence a home care services provider is a must to assist them in their daily activities and help improve their lifestyle.

Elcare is an elderly care service provider dedicated to assisting and improving the quality of care taken for aging parents and grandparents. Focusing on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the elderly, Elcare provides assistance in daily activities, emotional support, and the best care services.

Why do the elderly need assistance in daily activities?

Birth, childhood, adulthood, and old age are phases of life and each phase comes with its own challenges and troubles. As we pass through each age, our physical strength deteriorates and our mental stability lessens. As age progresses, various health & medical concerns surround us, some of the most known ones include high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, joint pains, tuberculosis, kidney infections, etc.

During old age, with these health concerns and lost physical strength, elderly parents and grandparents find it difficult to sustain life all by themselves. Thus, there is a need to take a helping hand from younger members of the family, or home attendants for the elderly to maintain their daily routine, fitness levels, and medical schedules with ease. To be able to maintain a diet, exercise routine, and social life during old-age improves the quality of life of elderly parents and helps them live a happier and longer life

How does daily assistance help the elderly?

Several elders find it difficult to move their bodies and do specific daily tasks necessary to stay healthy and maintain a healthy routine, and wellness. Besides suffering from cardiovascular and metabolic problems, many problems in the aged population occur because the patients simply aren't able to move their limbs. The reduced level of physical activities and daily movements is extremely low.
The busy lives we live today often render the younger generation to give as much time to their parents and grandparents as they should. And therefore, elders struggle to find help in maintaining their daily routine or keeping up with their fitness levels.

Daily assistance for the elderly helps in a variety of ways including:

  • Supervision of home maintenance tasks: through home care services the care mates supervise and assist the elderly with all home maintenance tasks such as buying groceries, getting home repairs done, hiring reliable house staff, etc.
  • Assisting in exercise/walks: While exercising is great for everyone, it is all the more important and beneficial for the elderly to keep them fit, and agile, and enhance their mobility and strength. Home attendants for the elderly assist the elderly in taking their daily morning walks, attending yoga classes, or physiotherapy sessions, and ensuring that some exercise is done daily to help them stay fit.
  • Companionship: Old age can be isolated and lonely, especially when the children live away. In these times, elders need people around them to spend time with, speak to, and share their feelings with. Elcare care mates truly strive to become mates for the elderly by checking on them, spending time with them, and assisting them to markets, yoga classes, etc. The caremates also help elders to connect with their families via video calls, etc.
  • Arrange lab tests and medicine delivery facilities: For proper and regular monitoring of health conditions and illnesses, it is important to undergo health checkups on time. And so the caremates at Elcare arrange for health care at home services where they arrange for lab tests, telemedicine consultation with doctors, medicine home delivery, and home care nursing services for the elders.
  • Assist in Paperwork: As our parents age, there is usually a lot of paperwork around living alone i.e. electricity bills, legal matters, banking work, etc that needs to be taken care of and it may not be possible for them to do it alone without assistance. Through daily assistance the home attendants for the elderly help in taking care of banking work, financial and legal matters, maintaining important documents, etc.

How do home attendants for the elderly extend emotional support?

Old people undergo a lot of emotional challenges. While some people are subjected to abuse from family due to property disputes or dependency, others struggle to find time with their loved ones in this era of changing lifestyles. Home attendants for the elderly extend emotional support by being there for them during this changing time and helping them take out their feelings well. The daily assistance services help the elderly maintain their independence and stay jovial by giving them emotional strength and understanding to navigate through tough times.


What are the benefits of elderly caretaker services?


The benefits of daily assistance services by Elcare care mates are well-established in solving a variety of issues that come during old age. These include:

  • Aging in place: Its natural to want to stay at home as you grow older. While dealing with a variety of health conditions, often elders are asked to stay at hospitals or care centers for the best care services, but this can trigger a range of emotions for the elderly. Daily assistance services extend support to the elderly in dealing with health conditions while staying in the comforts of their home.
  • Health monitoring: With age comes a range of health conditions and concerns that need daily check and monitoring. Right from daily exercises and eating habits to taking care of joint pains, visiting doctors, and taking medicine on time. Daily assistance services provide complete health monitoring.
  • Emotional support: Isolation can rapidly set in during old age and make it difficult for parents and grandparents to find social life. With daily assistance, the elderly are armed to move around the house, get into calls with families, visit neighbors, attend social gatherings, and stay involved with people they know. This extends big emotional support to aging adults.
  • Accessibility and maintenance: Daily assistance services aids the elderly with daily movements, visiting markets, attending physiotherapy sessions, visiting the doctors, etc so that they can maintain their lifestyle and have access to all that they need.
Elcare is an elder care service provider dedicated to assisting and improving the quality of care taken for aging parents and grandparents. Elcare focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of elders through a variety of at-home services like elder care companionship, home attendants for the elderly, home care nursing, physiotherapy services, etc. If your parents are struggling through their old age and you are looking for someone to assist them through their daily activities, know more about our health & wellness advisory and other services. Call us at+91-80459 14567.