Going to the grocery store is the toughest part of the day”
“I have stopped going to the upper floor as it is difficult to climb stairs now”
“We often stock food that we can just open and eat”

Old age comes with daily challenges! While the elderly struggle with daily movements, food, etc, the most-heard wish is often that “I want to stay in my house!” The good news is that, even though you might be aging, you can plan things for your old age that help you to continue living independently in your own house.

As aging can pose lots of challenges your way, your needs can range anywhere from companionship, love, and support of family, etc to home care nursing and caretaker for an elderly parent. At Elcare, we make sure to provide services for Eldercare that are beyond generic. We help you plan and live your elderly life better!


How to plan your elderly life?

Planning is difficult because you will never know your needs as you age. The first step you can take is to think through your needs for the near future and plan according to them. If you live alone, your challenge in the future might be to find a company around the house or a Home attendant for the elderly who can help you with household chores, or run daily errands. Or if you live with your spouse or family, they might need help. Each one of us has different needs and hence you can start planning as per individual needs.

One way to start planning for elderly life is to look at any illness or health condition that you or your family members live with. Talk to your doctor about how to manage these illnesses or health conditions in the future, what challenges aging poses on you and how your needs will change with time. You can look for Home care nursing who can help you manage your health conditions better or assist in getting routine administration so you can deal with the illnesses better.

Challenges you might face aging at home!

While the home is the most comfortable place to live when you are aging, there are still concerns about safety, daily activities, and moving around the house. Here are some challenges that you might come across in the future.

Getting around the house and outside

Often with old age movements around the house and commuting outside gets difficult. Be it joint pains, fatigue, or some other health condition, old age will restrict your movements and make it challenging for you to get around the house or go out for doctor visits, etc. If you think you will face difficulties in movements, perhaps an electric chair would be of help. You might need someone to help you move around the house or in the city and you can take the help of a Caretaker for the elderly at home. To learn more about resources, contact Elcare at www.elcare.co

Activity and social life
Of course, with restriction of movements, you will find yourself a lot at home and this can be boring. You might not want to sit at home all day alone. Old age can make you struggle to have an active social life. You might want to visit some community halls or people to spend some quality time or if you find it hard to leave home, maybe you would enjoy visits from people you know.

Safety At Home

While a home might feel like the safest place in the world, there still can be safety concerns around the house for people who mostly stay alone. Crime in the neighborhood, physical abuse, or even scam happening to people in the area can be some concerns you might have to deal with and struggle with during old age. You might want to install a safety system or emergency alert system at your house to help you with it.

Housing comfort

Furniture is a big factor that people ignore when aging. Sharp edges of a bed or wet floors of the bathroom can be a concern for people who have difficulties moving around the house. A few changes around the house like grab bars near the shower, comfortable handles for doors/windows, or making the bathroom floors non-skid would be of help.


Elcare services Beyond Generic ElderCare

Elcare is an elderly care service provider that is dedicated to improving
the physical and mental wellness of elders via various services including home care nursing, Home attendants, and private duty nursing. We focus on services that are beyond generic and help elders ease out their challenges.
Care Angel (Nursing)
Old age calls for special care and nursing. When you are struggling to take your routine medicines, run errands around the house, maintain an active lifestyle or even recover from an injury, Elcare provides world-class nursing care through home care nursing services. The Care Angels at Elcare are highly trained individuals who are friendly, compassionate, helpful, and dedicated to taking care of the elderly to improve their quality of life.

Our Specialized Care Services are dedicated to taking care of the elderly dealing with certain illnesses or recovering from an injury. Old-age caretakers at home take care of everything related to daily food, fitness, and medical routine to ensure that the elderly get unhindered attention, care, and support for faster recovery.
Health check and Medicine Delivery at Home

When you are sick at old age, it becomes all the more challenging to visit the doctor, get the tests done, or even buy medicine from a local pharmacy. Elcare Home attendants for elderly services are dedicated to providing all-around services to help you recover from illnesses better. From telemedicine consultation, doctor visits, and lab tests to getting medicine delivered at home, psychiatrist counseling, physiotherapy, etc – our home attendants for the elderly provide services you require during illness to help you recover with ease and comfort.

Diet & Nutrition Consultation

A healthy diet is a foundation for a healthy body and healthy life. Often when people start getting old, they don’t modify their diet according to their changing body requirements. And hence they start feeling weak and lethargic. Caretakers for elderly parents from Elcare focus on creating a customized nutrition plan for the elderly as per their health condition, age, and body requirements so that elderly can enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Home Care Nursing

Keeping a tab on the health of the elderly can be a difficult task not just for themselves but for the family too. Elcare provides Home Care Nursing services guided towards facilitating easy health monitoring, and health set up in the house. Elcare Care Mates help you with setting up medical equipment at home and making the elderly equipped with technology so they can keep checking their health and practice optimum care. Patients with highly critical cases in old age require intensive care unit facilities, and hence home care nurses facilitate ICU setup arrangements for patients to heal better.
Elcare is an elderly care service provider that is dedicated to improving the physical and mental wellness of elders via various services including home care nursing, Home attendants, and private duty nursing. For information about our Health & Wellness Advisory and other services, call us on 08045914567.