Our parents and grandparents are the backbone of the family. Essentially, it becomes a fundamental duty for each one of us to take care of our elderly and endure their health and safety. While millions of people in India juggle busy work life, household chores, and raising children, a lot of us find it extremely difficult to balance work, emotional needs, and time to take care of our beloved elderly. In some families, the adult children are several miles away from their elderly parents, so being there for important moments and taking care of their needs becomes impossible.

Old age is tough. And not being able to lean on children during old age can be risky for elderly parents. With the restriction in movements, any prevailing health conditions, ailments, or even risks of falls – living alone can be risky for elderly parents. In such circumstances, home attendants for the elderly can be silent angels, not just for the elderly but for the family too. Through elderly care, home care nursing services from Elcare provides for the various needs of aging parents to make them feel loved and cared for.
Read on to know why elders need essential Elder Caretaker Services!

To recover from any ailment, injury, or surgery

Elderly individuals who have recently undergone surgery or are recovering from any illness or injury may find it difficult to stay at a hospital. They need the comfort of their own homes to heal and recover. Having trained care mates at home can make their recovery easy. Elcare care mates specialize in recovery care viz. carrying out daily activities like bathing, personal hygiene, bed preparation, physiotherapy, etc to help aged individuals heal smoothly. The Elcare care mates extend emotional support with care and empathy to lend the warmth of family care and promote health to the loved ones. They ensure that besides having their daily routine in place, the elderly feel comfortable and loved too.

Support for personal hygiene

For bedridden elderly parents, maintaining personal hygiene can be a challenge especially when they are recovering from any injury or illness. Essential elder caretaker services by Elcare provide support to the elderly by helping them in movement to the toilet and keeping the toilets clean so that any further infections are prevented. Caregivers ensure cleanliness and personal hygiene by assisting the elderly in changing clothes, and adult diapers, maintaining beds, and even taking care of their routine movements. This can be a big respite for the family members, who may find it difficult or lack time to attend to every movement of their beloved parents.

Prevent falls and injuries during old age

Due to reduced physical capabilities and poor body balance, aged senior citizens are prone to falls and injuries while carrying out their daily activities. They need people around them to assist them in their movements. Elcare care mates are trained individuals who understand the needs of the senior citizens and assist them in movements around the house or bringing things they need at their fingertips. They ensure that the elderly parents are not left unattended and hence save them from any health hazards like fractures, broken bones, or injuries due to falling.

Extend emotional and logical support to elderly parents

With age, our body undergoes a lot of changes. Elderly parents and senior citizens start losing their ability to remember things correctly, find it difficult to conform to social etiquette or suffer from anxiety and depression. In most houses, family members often fail to understand the daily struggles of senior citizens and hence fail to provide the necessary support. Elcare Caremates are retired army officials who themselves understand these challenges and hence provide logical and emotional support to aging parents in times of need.

For an improved quality of life

Our parents feel the most comfortable at home. And therefore, during their old age, all they need is love, care, and support in their own house. While the elderly struggle in their movements around the house, taking care of their health, or coping with the changing health conditions, the home attendant for the elderly offers a helping hand to our beloved parents to perform necessary physio exercises, get their required medicines, food, etc on time, assist them in movements around the house or do recreational activities. Elderly care services in the house ensure improved quality of life that keeps our aging parents happy and healthy in the comfort of their homes.

To retain their identity and independence

Lastly, caretaking for elderly individuals helps them retain their identity and independence away from their family members. To be able to do their routine activities on their own or with the support of their caregivers gives senior citizens confidence and positivity. Home care nursing helps them to cope with age-related deterioration and see life in a positive light. Home attendants for the elderly support the elderly in their daily tasks, hobbies, and social life which gives the elderly a positive approach to life.

While our beloved elders essentially get a helping hand around the house for their slightest of needs, caretakers for old age can take away the stress from the family members and give them enough time to perform to the best of their capabilities.

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