Taking care of the elderly members of our family is not just an act of love but also a moral responsibility. Most elder adults would not want to be an added source of pressure for their children. But aging and the various factors that come with it, such as physical disabilities or impairments, declining mental and emotional health, declining overall health, and the inability to perform the daily tasks of life, etc. can leave little room for independence. However, the dynamics of modern living and the fast pace of life we lead today make it difficult for us to conquer it all on our own while taking care of our family and those dependent on us. In situations like these, elderly care services can be the biggest source of support, both for you and your elderly members.

Elder care, also referred to as senior care, is specialized care services that are designed to meet the varied needs and requirements of senior citizens at various stages of their life and overall health. A caretaker for elderly parent will give proper attention to the older adult at your home and support them in their recovery as well as in their daily activities in order to help them live in a more comfortable way.

  • A professional approach to caretaking: When you hire a caretaker for elderly at home from Elcare, you are hiring an individual who is specifically trained to take the utmost care of the elderly members. All our care mates and home attendant for elderly undergo extensive training before being appointed. They are experienced individuals equipped with the required practical knowledge on how to take care of the physical and mental well-being of an individual. An old age care taker at home will get equipped with the required daily routine, medication schedule, doctor visits, daily activities, etc. of the elderly in order to support them in a holistic manner and offer all-around care. They have the required knowledge, training, and experience to handle any unfortunate emergency situations. 
  • Compassion & Encouragement: At Elcare, we believe that our elders have given us unconditional love and support, taught us lessons and that they form a huge part of who we are and where we are in life. ‘Carenting’ is our way of caring for the elderly, like we would care for our children. Elderly caretakers understand that older adults have needs that they need support to be fulfilled. They also need friendly company to resolve their loneliness in this stage of life and feel safe. Caretakers at Elcare operate from a place of compassion and consider the elderly as family of their own, and hence extend love and care from heart. Through loving care, support, and encouragement, we aim to inculcate a sense of wholesomeness and positivity in elderly adults.
  • Utmost efficiency in care: At Elcare, we aim to offer quality care and required attention to the elderly and their health and wellness through efficient home care nursing services. We operate with a team of CareMates who are skilled, helpful, kind, passionate, and dedicated to making meaningful care and contribution towards the betterment of the life of the elderly. We aim to do this by offering varied kinds of quality care services that would support them in improving the quality of life of the elderly. These include at-home yoga and fitness lessons to help them get fit and feel more agile and capable, arranging at-home vaccination services, arranging telemedicine consultations to further support their treatments, psychiatrist counseling, and physiotherapy sessions to support their mental and emotional health, taking care of their medication and nutrition, accompanying them on outdoor walks and encouraging them in engaging in recreational and community activities, etc. 

Elcare is a 24/7 elder care service provider dedicated to assisting and improving the quality of care taken for aging parents and grandparents. Elcare focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of elders through a variety of at-home services like elder care assistance, home attendant for the elderly, home care nursing, etc. Moreover, our caremates empower the elderly to get equipped with technology so they can independently communicate with their loved ones, find the information they need, and can use technology to their advantage. If your parents are struggling through their old age and you are looking for an old people care taker to assist them through their daily activities, know more about our health & wellness advisory and other services. Call us at +91-80459 14567.