Elder care companionship is an exclusive long-term care for the elderly that focuses on extending emotional support and friendship to seniors with the assistance of their daily activities.

Old age can get lonely. As elders start losing connection with their friends and family due to health and reduced activity in life, feelings of loneliness seep in. The inability to move around the house, being dependent on someone else for their daily needs, and losing touch with people can get to aging parents and they can feel isolated, lonely, and unhappy.

Elder care companionship is an exclusive long-term care for the elderly that focuses on extending emotional support and friendship to seniors with the assistance of their daily activities. Elder care companionship helps our elders age in the safety and comfort of their homes while maintaining their independence and social activities. It helps seniors build a safe, comfortable, and happier life. Here are some of the major advantages of elder care companionship!

  1. Assistance in daily activities

An elder care companion can provide physical support to aging adults. Old-age caretakers at home can assist elders with sitting, standing, walking, lying down, and routine movements that the elderly find difficult during old age. Being around them to provide support also means that elders will feel confident and enthusiastic about moving around the house, going out for a walk, and including more activities than they usually do. The caretaker for an elderly parent can come across as active support for the aging parents to help elders with their daily medicines, visit doctors, get tests done, check on their emails, call relatives, etc., and more.

  1. Alleviating loneliness

An old-age caretaker at home can help elders break free from isolation. Think about it. After retiring, possibly losing their partner or spouse, and watching social gatherings disappear, a person can face a lack of stimulation they used to get through work, daily chores, and social interactions. Even a routine workday is a mix of interpersonal relationships. And as these activities take a back seat or disappear, one faces a lack of imaginative powers which makes the brain work less. When there are no activities or routines in life, one tends to feel anxious, lonely, and prone to depression. With a home attendant for the elderly, you can revive this routine for your parents and make them more active. They can join a yoga class, find new friends, build a new routine and try new things, thereby making the brain work and help stay happy and active. With new friends and routines, elders can alleviate loneliness and stay active and healthy.

  1. Interact out of their comfort zone

During old age, due to restrictions in movements, often elders find themselves staying more at home. As a result, their interaction is limited to the people in the house. While they may long for meeting a few friends or relatives, the restriction in movements often leaves them feeling lonely. The elder care companions help elders break free from their comfort zone and go places. They can accompany elders to visit temples, attend social functions, go to community meetings, and relatives' homes, and even to the market for shopping. This way the elders come face to face with family, friends, and relatives and get a chance to connect with the outer world.

  1. Keeps a tab on the mental health of seniors

Staying at home and navigating life with zero activities, or being dependent on other family members can be tough. During old age, the elderly start feeling lonely, dependent, and incapable of taking care of themselves. Thereby posing on them an emotional burden and a lot of over-thinking which can be taxing to their mental health. An elder care companion can be a trusted partner for the elderly to share their feelings, navigate through loneliness and design a routine that helps them feel good. To be able to find someone who understands their problems, helps them navigate through daily chores, makes them feel independent, can ward off mental stress, and give them a happy life!

  1. Improve the quality of life

Not all parents live with their families. Some live alone in their houses and try to navigate their daily routine. This independent living during old age often renders elders incapable of doing a lot of things that they would do had someone been there to help them. With an elder care companion, the parents can find a support system to take care of their daily meal preps, medical assistance, exercise routine, shopping, laundry, cleaning around the house, etc. When someone is there to take care of their routine activities, the elderly can improve the quality of their life and chase more activities during their days. This doesn’t just bring feelings of satisfaction and contentment but also gives them a chance to fulfill their wishes, experience their hobbies, and do more in their life.
Elder care companionship is about offering invaluable friendship, emotional support, and physical assistance to elderly parents when they need it the most. Home attendants for elderly services are directed to provide medical care, elder care companionship and assistance in daily activities.

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