Does every Elcare member have a dedicated CareMate?

Yes. Every Elcare member is provided with a dedicated CareMate, who is from a ex-servicemen (defence) background so that you and your elders are at peace for their safety and security.

How do I contact Elcare for any subscription plans, services, or during any emergencies?

Elcare plans and services are available on the Elcare Website and Mobile Apps. For emergencies, please contact your CareMate or use the Mobile App emergency feature.

Can I avail services which are not part of my subscription package?

Yes, you can avail any services from our bouquet of services as your requirements over and above the services available in your subscription plans.

Does the subscription plan cover only one or more members?

Elcare subscription packages are a combination of various services provided by Elcare, which are available on service-to-service basis to either the subscriber or its next of kin.

How do I subscribe to Elcare services?

Elcare provides the convenience of booking any services by you or your next of kin from our website or mobile app.

What are the payment options available?

Elcare services can be paid through the Website, Mobile App, or in some special cases through cash/cheques.

Can I avail a subscription package tailored to my requirements?

Elcare provides end-to-end services through their subscription plans, however, on case-to-case basis such plans can be modified to the specific requirements of elders.

How to nominate a Next of Kin? Can I change my Next of Kin?

The elders have to nominate a Next of Kin for care updates, booking of services and emergencies. Such Next of Kin can be changed on the Profile of the Elder.

Can I cancel any booked or scheduled services?

The customer has an option to cancel any booked or scheduled services before the responder/service provider is assigned to them. After the assignment is complete, you have to contact help to cancel such service.

Can I get refund for any paid service?

The customers shall have the option for a replacement of service provider. However, no refunds will be issued for services already booked/provided by Elcare.