With age, our body undergoes a lot of physiological changes. These changes include changes in bone density, reduction in muscle strength, increased body fat, etc. As a result, older adults become more vulnerable to issues related to physiological, cognitive, and psychiatric aspects. Their needs and challenges are unique and differ from person to person and therefore elderly care needs utmost care and love.
Physiotherapy is performed through various exercises, movements, massages, and therapies that are effective in a plethora of health conditions and speed up the recovery process. For the elderly, physiotherapy works like an alternative treatment to medicines and surgery and focuses on restoring and maintaining movement and balance. Physiotherapy services provided by a needed caretaker for the elderly at home bring many advantages for the elderly. Here are some!

Treatment of Pain

One thing that challenges senior citizens the most is body pain – common problems include neck pain, joint pain, body stiffness, etc. This happens due to poor blood circulation, muscle stiffness, and reduced physical activity. With a home attendant for the elderly providing physiotherapy services at home, you can increase their physical activities again in a safe and controlled way. Through different patterns of movements, therapies, and exercises, a physiotherapist or old people care taker designs a tailor-made treatment plan that works towards the trouble areas and eases body pain,

Improved Bone Strength

Arthritis and osteoporosis are the most common health concerns for old people. Reduced bone density makes the elderly vulnerable to the risk of fractures and falls. Through physiotherapy sessions, at-home elderly can develop strength in their joints, and muscle agility and improve a range of movements that builds bone strength. Physiotherapy exercises, massages, and therapies aid in improving movements and strength that bring muscle and bone strength. Physiotherapy services at home can help the elderly improve their bone and muscle strength from the comforts of their home and enable them to increase their movements.

Better Heart Health

The older you get, the higher your chances of developing a heart condition. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, etc make senior citizens vulnerable to health conditions. Exercising is proven to have a good impact on preventing cardiac diseases and in their treatment and management. Through physiotherapy, the elderly can increase their body movements and reduce muscle stiffness which results in better management of diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. As a result, if home care nursing includes daily physiotherapy sessions, it can reduce the possibility of heart attacks, strokes, coronary artery disease, etc.

Recovery from health conditions and injuries

Older people who have suffered injuries or are dealing with a health condition find it difficult to recover after surgery, treatment, etc. Physiotherapy aids in the recovery of individuals at home post-surgery or in maintaining movements around a health condition. Physiotherapy exercises and therapies improve cardiovascular capacity and circulation. Elderly caretaker services like physiotherapy exercises and therapies provided by home care nursing help patients recover their strength and mobility and aid in faster recovery as compared to being just on medicine.

Mental Health Benefits

For older people often body pain, restriction of movement, etc translates into pain-related anxiety and depression. As a result, the willingness to do more activities, connect with people, and bring happiness into life is challenged. Old people care takers ensure the revival of emotions through physiotherapy as these build body strength, provide muscle agility and improve mood. The ability to move again and pain relief brings back the joy in the mood and thus has a direct impact on pain-related anxiety and depression.

Independence of movement

One of the major challenges of senior citizens is their dependency on others. Since physiotherapy builds muscle strength, reduces pain, and makes them more mobile – senior citizens slowly claim their sense of independence and quality of life without having to depend on others. This brings a ton of positivity and impact on the rehabilitation of elderly patients. As a result, senior citizens claim independence of movement and can live a more fulfilling life.
When it comes to geriatric rehabilitation, at-home physiotherapy services for senior citizens can provide a range of activities and movements to the elderly thereby improving their ability to stay active and healthy. Elcare is an elderly care service provider that is dedicated to improving the physical and mental wellness of elders via various services including home attendants, home care nursing, and at-home physiotherapy services. For information about our Health & Wellness Advisory and other services, call us on 08045914567.