The rainy season is delightful with lush greenery, beautiful skies, and an afternoon breeze. It is an excellent time for the elderly to enjoy the weather eating good food with their loved ones. However, with the onset of the rainy season, the humidity levels tend to rise. This can also lead to infections, making the elderly more prone to monsoon diseases.

Some common infections and health issues that may arise in the elderly during the rainy season include cold, flu, dry cough, viral infections, respiratory disorders, conjunctivitis, joint pains, fatigue, digestive problems, and ulcers and may require home attendant for elderly. In this article, we will discuss some general elder health care tips for the rainy season so they can enjoy the weather without falling ill.

  1. Keep your rainy day gear ready: One should never go out in the rain without proper rain gear. When doing elderly care for older adults and senior citizens, one should keep their umbrellas and raincoats out of their cupboards and in a place that is easy to access. This will help in making sure they do not step out for any emergency shopping, medical requirements, or financial work and get drenched in the rain. Additionally, elders must have water-soaking doormats near every entrance and exit at home to avoid any wet floors and the possibility of slipping injuries. It is also a good idea to keep candles and emergency lights handy in case of an electricity failure. You can hire a home attendant for elderly to make sure that the elderly have everything they need in place to stay safe during the rainy season.
  2. Drink warm water and other fluids: During the rainy season, water tends to get easily contaminated. This can lead to monsoon season diseases and illnesses such as cholera, gastroenteritis, or other waterborne diseases. In order to avoid this, while providing elderly care to older adults, one must use warm and filtered water for drinking and bathing. This is one of the must-follow and most important safe food practices for the monsoons. You can hire a home attendant for elderly to make sure that the elderly follow safe food practices during the monsoons.
  3. Stay hydrated: The moisture in the air during the monsoon may cause some people to drink less amount of water during this season. However, our body has an optimum water requirement despite the season. It is important, especially for older adults and senior citizens, to stay hydrated even during the monsoons. Not drinking enough water can cause kidney-related problems and several water-deficiency diseases like gastroenteritis, poor skin health, and decreased urination. One can drink more water in their day by including herbal teas and hot, healthy soups in their diet.
  4. Avoid slippery footwear: One of the most important things to do during the rainy season is to avoid wearing any slippery footwear. While providing elder care to older adults, one must make sure they always use anti-slippery footwear. This is especially crucial for older adults to avoid the possibility of any slipping injuries.
  5. Avoid walking in dirty water: Dirty water can be a breeding ground for germs. Walking in dirty water can lead to fungal infections. Bacteria and Fungi are more susceptible to surviving in a damp environment, especially in wet socks and shoes. In case your feet get wet, it is advisable to change your footwear immediately, clean them with a disinfectant, and leave them to dry. You can hire home care nursing services to learn about these safety practices to follow during the rainy season.
  6. Ensure better immunity: The rainy season brings with it a host of airborne and waterborne diseases and illnesses. Some common ones amongst them are cold, viral fever, and infectious diseases. Older adults tend to have immunosuppressant systems and hence should work on building their immunity, especially during the rainy season. The most basic thing to do to build your immunity is to eat well. When providing elder care to older adults, one should make sure they consume protein-rich dry fruits such as a fistful of cashew, nuts, and almonds daily. If you’re undergoing any health issues, it is advisable to check for any nuts allergies before consuming. You can hire home care nursing services to help you maintain your daily nutrition and help in building better immunity.
  7. Maintain cleanliness: Personal hygiene and surrounding cleanliness are extremely important during the rainy season as microorganisms tend to survive in water-soaked plant pots and water tanks. One should make sure their surroundings are dry and clean before the onset of the rainy season. If you have been out and drenched in the rain, you must take a shower with warm water to protect yourself from any infections. Older adults who suffer from diabetes should take extra care by protecting their feet with shoes and socks and avoiding walking barefoot as much as possible. You can hire home care nursing services to help the older adults in maintaining optimum cleanliness during the monsoons.
  8. Use mosquito and insect repellants: The rainy season can bring a host of airborne diseases such as dengue and malaria. Stagnant waters tend to favor the breeding of mosquitoes and increase the instances of cockroaches, bugs, and other potential disease carrier pests. To avoid such dangerous monsoon diseases while providing elder care, one must make sure that the senior citizens use mosquito nets, coils, and repellants, and keep their surroundings as clean and dry as possible. You can hire home care nursing services to help the older adults in maintaining optimum cleanliness during the monsoons.
  9. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly: To avoid the risk of infections and infectious diseases, older adults must make sure to thoroughly wash their fruits and vegetables as soon as they are bought. It is a good idea to avoid buying pre-cut fruits and vegetables during the monsoon season as they can be potential germ carriers. One must note that certain leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, are high in bacterial infections and must be consumed carefully. You can boil the green leafy vegetables in salt water before cooking to kill the toxins and bacteria. You can hire home care nursing services to help the older adults in following safe food practices during the rainy season.
  10. Add herbs and spices to meals: To boost their immunity during the rainy season, older adults can consider supplementing with herbs and spices in their diet. Anti-inflammatory ingredients containing essential nutrients and antioxidants that can be helpful for overall health and wellness during the rainy season include garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, holy basil, etc. One can also infuse their hot teas with these ingredients and sip.
  11. Stock up on hygiene kits: During the rainy season, the elderly must wash their hands and feet with antiseptic soap and try to stay away from germ-contaminated and dirty water. Many infections, especially the coronavirus, can spread from surface contamination. It is a good idea for the elderly to wash their hands with a disinfectant handwash and use a sanitizer frequently. One must stock up on handwash, disinfectants, and sanitizers for the monsoon season.
  12. Avoid damp environments: Monsoons bring with them dampness and moisture. This can potentially lead to molds and fungi infestations causing serious stomach disorders and skin infections. Older adults, especially those with respiratory conditions, need to take special care, of allergies and respiratory infections such as sinus. Older adults must make sure that their house is well-ventilated and receives abundant sunshine to soak the dampness.
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