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Our parents give birth to us and raise us with all the love, care, and support they have to offer. They are of incidence in the person we grow up to become. As they grow older, their body gets weaker and they are more susceptible to health issues. This is the time of their life when they need love and elder care the most. However, the times that we live in and the busy lives that we lead can
make it really difficult for us to manage everything and to find the time to take care of our parents. Many of us live away from our families for work or education and are constantly worried about their caretaking and well-being. This is where Elcare comes in!
Elcare offers elder care services to the elderly in need. The CareMates at Elcare are ex-servicemen who were devoted to serve the country and keep it safe. They have now made it their objective to devote their time and attention with the same drive and dedication in caring for the elderly of the country.
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Elcare believes in the idea of carenting, i.e. caring for the elderly just like a parent cares for a child. Most of the elderly in India lack long-term palliative elder care, do not have anyone to take care of them, and lead a stressful life. Old age is characterized by a number of physical and mental health issues and illnesses that can be difficult for an older person to handle on their own. What they need at this leg of their life is the same unconditional love, elder care, and nurturing that they gave us all
our lives.
Elcare aims to provide elder home care services, security, and end-to-end at-home services to the elderly through a team of industry experts and ex-servicemen of the country. The elderly need not just elder care and someone to help them undertake daily activities and responsibilities, but also the company to resolve loneliness and feel safe.
The caretakers at Elcare are skilled, kind, helpful, and passionate about caring for the elders of our country. Through our CareMates, Elcare offers a host of elder home care services that are sure to make the lives of the elderly better and easier.
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Old age is characterized by a host of health and fitness issues. With age, our body gets weaker affecting our movements. This in addition to staying away from our loved ones can lead to loneliness and deteriorating mental health. Elcare strives to take care of your elderly parents by offering elder care services such as home delivery of medicines, diet & nutrition consultation, yoga & fitness webinars, physiotherapy, assistance for vaccinations, etc. If your parents are suffering from any chronic illness or any other health issue and require regular monitoring of their health, Elcare offers various elder care services such as telemedicine consultations, specialized care or nursing services by CareAngels, regular lab tests at home and health check-ups, ICU setup at home, etc. In our effort to offer world-class elder home care services, we have various subscription plans at affordable prices
for our clients to try.
Offering high-quality elder home care services and making life easier for the elderly is what Elcare is all about. We understand that undertaking daily tasks of life such as going to the supermarket and buying groceries, going to the bank, etc. can be difficult for the elderly. We aim at changing that and making life convenient for them with our elder care services like home delivery of groceries,
assisting them to places of worship, organizing legal consultations, accounting consultations, financial consultations, banking consultations, providing support to understand and use the latest technologies, etc. The CareMates that offer elder home care services at Elcare are compassionate, helpful, and friendly individuals who love to spend time with the elders and put a smile on their
With Elcare, you can stay connected with the elderly and their CareMates and constantly stay updated on their health conditions. In our endeavor to bring joy to the lives of the elderly, we also help you in celebrating the small moments and important days of their lives by organizing surprise celebrations for them.

Keeping the pandemic insight, Elcare has devised Covid Care plans for the elderly. Those aged above 60 years, especially the ones with other medical conditions are particularly susceptible to viruses and infections. This makes it very important that they receive appropriate elder home care services and stay safe in this time of uncertainty. Our elder care services for covid care include
delivering medicine at their doorstep, assisting them with vaccinations, high-class elder home care services with CareAngels, etc. While staying away from your loved ones can be tough at this time, you can make sure they do not have to step out for daily tasks and are safe in the comfort of their home by availing Elcare’s elder home care services.
These are a few ways by which Elcare strives to provide elder care to the valuable elders of our country and make a difference in their life. Want to know more about how Elcare makes life better and easier for the elderly? Read our blogs!