As we grow older, our body ages and becomes susceptible to various health issues and problems. Keeping a tab on the medical requirements of the elderly and giving the required care and attention to their health and wellness through home care nursing is of prime importance.

Through our various healthcare and home care nursing services, Elcare home care nursing strives to assist the elderly in this time of transition and make aging a positive experience. Elcare offers a host of home care nursing services by operating with a team of CareMates who are skilled, kind, helpful, and passionate about caring for the elderly of our country.

Yoga & Fitness Webinars

Regular exercising and physical activity can improve the mental and physical health of the elderly, thereby enhancing their quality of life. With Elcare home care nursing, we offer at-home yoga and fitness lessons through our fitness webinars tailored to the unique requirements and capabilities of the elderly. This will keep them fit, agile, and capable of performing their daily tasks without difficulty while managing their stress levels.

Vaccinations at Home

Travelling to and from the Covid-19 vaccination centers and waiting for long periods can be very daunting for the elderly. To help the elderly get vaccinated against the virus, Elcare home care nursing services arrange vaccination services at home. This will make sure the elderly are immunized to the virus from the comfort of their home.

Telemedicine Consultation

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing things around the world, taking care of the health of the elders while keeping them safe is of utmost importance to us. With Elcare home care nursing services, we provide Telemedicine Consultations for the elderly. This aids in staying on top of their health conditions and staying connected with them at all times.

Specialized Care Services

Certain illnesses and health issues are very common amongst the elderly and may require specialized home care nursing. At Elcare, with our home care nursing services, we offer specialized care, and consultations to help the patients in managing their health in a better way. From taking care of their daily food, fitness and medical routine to ensuring unhindered attendance, we extend special care.

Psychiatrist Counselling

Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and boredom can be difficult to deal with and can not only affect the mental health of the elderly but also their physical health and overall quality of life. Elcare’s home care nursing offers the arrangement of psychiatrist counseling for the elderly in need of counseling. Our home care nursing services can help them in coping better and improve their overall mental health.


Ageing may have adverse effects on the physical body including mobility and balance issues which may lead to muscle and bone weakness. With our home care nursing services, we offer physiotherapy sessions at home that are known to have a positive impact on our bodies and lives. Regular physiotherapy sessions with home care nursing will improve strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility as well as reduce body pain levels.

Medicine Delivery at Home

Going out and procuring medication when sick or feeling unwell can be a challenge for the elderly, especially for the patients who are mobility-challenged or dealing with chronic illnesses. Elcare strives at fulfilling the medical requirements of the elderly by delivering the medicines right at the doorstep. Take care of the health and medicinal requirements of the elderly by choosing our medicine delivery and home care nursing services.

Diet & Nutrition Consultation

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy body. It impacts not just our physical health but also our mental function and memory. The nutrition needs of the elderly are different than that of younger adults. Diet and nutrition for the elders do not get the attention it deserves. The CareMates at Elcare focus on creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the elderly by creating a customized nutrition plan for them.

Medical Equipment

For the elderly, taking care of themselves and keeping a tab on their health is an everyday task. This may require them to use some medical equipment. Elcare's home care nursing mates help the elderly in doing so by setting up required medical equipment at their homes and helping them in becoming friendly with the technology. This will help the elderly in taking optimum care of themselves without feeling overwhelmed.

Lab Tests at Home

Checking the vital signs can help in monitoring the health as well as any specific medical conditions one might have. To facilitate easy monitoring of one’s health, Elcare’s home care nursing services offer the arrangement of lab tests at home for the elderly. This will make the process of getting lab tests done smoother and help the elderly in monitoring their health with ease.

ICU Setup

Patients with highly critical cases in their old age may require intensive care unit facilities for longer durations. Elcare’s home care nursing services facilitates ICU setup arrangements at home for the elderly in need.home care nursing can help the elderly patient as well as their loved ones financially, as well as mentally, and emotionally by allowing the patient to heal in familiar surroundings.

Critical Care Consult

Medical conditions such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Blood pressure problems, etc. are very common among the elderly and may need critical care at time. With our home care nursing services, we offer critical care consultations with doctors and offer specialized care through our CareMates for the patients in need in order to aid optimum care and attention to the health and wellbeing of the elders.

Covid-19 Care

With the Covid-19 pandemic going on around the world, Elcare is prepared to meet the medical needs of the elderly. At Elcare, we offer home care nursing and Covid Care packages for the elderly should they need medical assistance in an unfortunate event. Our home care nursing services include CareAngel at home service, medicine home delivery as well vaccination assistance.

Care Angel (Nursing)

Old age calls for special care and attention. Elcare aims at making the lives of the elderly happier and easier by providing world-class nursing care through its home care nursing services. The CareAngels at Elcare, or Elcare Nurses, are highly trained individuals who are compassionate, helpful, and friendly, and are dedicated to taking care of the health of the elders and improving their quality of life.

Annual Health Checkup

Preventative care against any illnesses or health issues that may arise as we age is very important. With Elcare home care nursing, we organize an annual health checkup for senior citizens to understand if they are susceptible to any illnesses or catch any health issues at an early stage.